Shipping and Returns

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Shipping & Returns

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Deliveries to main centers in South Africa will be delivered within two working days of dispatch. For the rest of South Africa and other countries in Africa please email for a shipping quotation.

All deliveries will require your signature. If there’s no-one available at the delivery address, a re-delivery will be attempted. In the event that this is not successful, the goods are returned to us by the courier. An additional fee will be charged to arrange a further delivery.

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If you are not completely satisfied with your item,

you may return it to us within 7 days of receipt of the goods for an exchange or a refund. New products have to be sealed and undamaged to qualify for a 100% refund, a minimum handing fee of 30% will be applicable to new opened goods. Courier costs are non-refundable.

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222 Landshut Drive

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Louwlardia Centurion

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postal code


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We strongly recommend that you fully insure your package that you are returning. We suggest the use of a courier that can provide you with a proof of delivery. Returns will take approximately five working days to process once the goods have arrived.

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